Welcome to the website of St Dominic Parish Council


The aim of this website is to provide both residents of St Dominick parish and visitors with information about the Parish Council and local area.


You'll find contact details for Councillors and the Parish Clerk plus all meeting details such as agendas and minutes.


Lots of local info will be posted too such as parish events and links to other useful organisations such as Cornwall Council.


It's a new website and the first one for St Dominic Parish Council - we hope you find it informative and easy to use. We will be working to add useful community information all the time. If you have any comments about the website, we'd be keen to hear them.


If there is anything in the parish that you'd like to ask about or have your say on, or even a suggestion or contribution for the website, please let us know. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to stdompc@yahoo.co.uk or click on the 'Have Your Say' or 'Contact Us' tabs.

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Please note:  Two vacancies have now occurred for Parish Councillors to serve on St Dominic Parish Council.  

Written applications to fill this vacancy should be submitted to the Clerk to the Parish Council at Yonder Lea, St Keyne, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4SG.  If you require more information about the role of a Parish Councillor please contact an existing Member or the Clerk.

If more applications are received than vacancies to be filled, the Parish Council will decide which of the applicants is to fill the vacancy.

Sally Lewis, Clerk to the Council